Courses for groups

Tailored Courses

Tailored courses are designed for organized groups of a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 10 or 12 (depending on the course and teacher).

If you form a group we can prepare a course to suit you, in this way you will learn enjoying and in a relaxed atmosphere among friends or acquaintances.

The most requested courses:

– Lathe and low temperature enamels
– Lathe and medium temperature glazes
– Lathe and high temperature enamels
– Lathe and porcelain enamels
– Lathe and Raku
– Lathe and sigilatas
– Lathe and modeling
– Modeling and engobes
– Sculpture
– Others (you can choose a course from any artistic discipline)

Other services we offer (not included in the price of the course):
– Accommodation
– Tourist assistance
If you are the one who organizes the course you can benefit. Check conditions.

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