Art and Profession Specialyzed Courses:

  • Summer season courses.
  • Easter season courses.
  • Weekend courses
  • Weekend opportunities to make or bake raku items.



  • Meetings and small congresses.
  • Companies or groups events.
  • Renting of different areas for celebrations and meals.
  • Making design and assesment of items:
  • Workshop to produce items on demand.
  • Decorative or logo engravings of glass or ceramic items.
  • Renting of space for artists.
  • Technical and personlized assessment.
  • Design or new products assessment.


Families and children:

  • One day stages for students from primary school to institute.
  • Two, three or more days stages for scholar credits with accommodation included.
  • Workshops for families or groups on weekends with accommation included.
  • Creative workshop classes to develop your creativity designed for children and adults.



  • Art therapy.
  • New proposals.