Art is our passion. What about yours?


In a town where pottery and culture are tradition, l’Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal, located in the middle of the nature became established as a creation, formation and investigation arts center really rooted in its place and open to everyone.
Situated in an excellent environment and nature in the heart of the Empordà, region of inspiration for many artists, we try to convey our passion for clay based on the most basic elements such as soil, water and fire which, at the same time, can be found in the natural environment in its purest form.
We are a family company in which quality in its broadest concept is our reason for being. A pioneer center in training arts and crafts for more than forty years. The design of the facilities and the distribution of spaces are ideal for the development of art and creativity.
With a close relationship with our sociocultural environment we provide quality artistic training and promote interdisciplinary art, craft and design. Offering training in all artistic disciplines, from pottery, sculpture in different materials and sizes, drawing, painting, jewelry, glass...

We have a team of professionals with an extensive teaching experience who guide and support students in their learning process and their creative projects. Within our conception of the person and the creative ability we have, we care a lot about the collective groups with different capabilities. We adapt the artistic training so that they can enjoy creating their own pieces.

At the same time, we feel a great commitment to society and focus our work as an instrument of social, cultural and educational integration with a particular emphasis on unemployed people to support them through occupational training courses. These actions are carried through the SOC (Catalonia Employment Service) and SEPE (Public Employment Service). The course catalogue is characterized by offering training in both theoretical and practical in all sectors of the labor market such as new technologies, design, ICT, languages and services to companies which for their circumstances take on personal or collective difficulties to benefit from the services we offer.

We have always believed that we must ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction through the quality of services and facilities with a continuous improvement of work processes and conditions for doing so; striking a balance between profitability and social benefit. Among our foundations there are respect for cultural and ideological pluralism and promoting interpersonal communication, dialogue and respect as a source of personal enrichment.

The values on which we base are:

• Innovation and dynamism: We apply our business with energy and innovative spirit, with attention paid to the social and artistic movements that occur both in our immediate environment and the rest of the world.
• Improvement and permanent professional improvement: everyone in our organization work with the awareness that improvement is necessary and possible.
• Pride, satisfaction and motivation: we feel that we belong to a modern organization, advanced and innovative, sensible to different individual and/or collective attitudes which promote and encourage initiative and creativity. We also promote teamwork and participative culture.
• Quality of service: the user is properly served with all its needs related to the offer covered; its satisfaction is priority.
• Social responsibility and sustainability: we feel commitment to environmental protection and energy efficiency in the daily exercise of our activities in compliance with the obligations we have set in this area.